One in a Million


The sky this week has been an endless dome of blue during the day, and a breathtaking spray of stars at night.  I was out one evening walking, when I happened to look up.  The humbling and indefinite expanse of universe, as seen from my little street, stopped me in my tracks.

I stood in the middle of the road and gasped.  How beautiful.  How ridiculously beautiful.

I wanted to share it with the boys.  I got home and dragged them away from the television and onto the driveway, where we lay back and looked up at the night sky.  A reverent silence set in.  Even the brattiest child seems to be instantly pulled into a primitive state of awe at seeing nature showing off like that.

Something has been on my mind that I wanted to share with the boys. As a single woman, I don’t often know how to talk to my sons about relationships.  It can be hard without an example around.  But that moment on the driveway, suddenly provided the perfect stage.

As the five of us lay there, growing cold, I took a deep breath and commented what was already on their minds:  Looking out to the stars, it’s so easy to feel somewhat inadequate and small.  Nods all around.  I threw everyone a question- and yet isn’t there something inspiring about being so small… and yet still being so important?

I’m not talking about fame, or money.  Or intelligence, beauty or talent.  Whilst commendable, these are not the things that make us special.  In fact, these tags are common.  Found in their millions.  Sirus may be the brightest star in the night sky, but it is no more beautiful than any other.

So perhaps, don’t strive to be ‘one in a million’.  Look up at the stars.  You already are.  The galaxy that wraps itself around us tells us many things about perspective.  What makes you special is not that you are unique.  Unique is the one thing we all share.  We may not be significant in the place we occupy as part of this expanse around us, but we are significant by the place we occupy inside a chosen few.

So don’t seek to be one in a million.  Be a million things to one.

The day will come boys, when you’ll want to find someone to settle down with.  Groans.  I ignored them and continued.  In a universe this big and breathtaking, loyalty to one, takes on a whole new dimension.  Choose one person- and find your peace by being a million things to her (or him).

Keep your eyes open.  There is an exciting sacredness about seeing a woman like no other man ever will.   When you find her, give her the gift of seeing you as no one else will either.   In a world with so much pain and suffering, dare to open up your heart fearlessly- just to her.

To find your one in a million…                                                                                              be brave enough to share all your million pieces with one.


Photo (c) Chris Cohen Photography, used with permission.

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