Grow brick, grow.

There are many things that little boys are good at.  They’re good at making friends and making noise.  They’re great at picking noses, scabs and fights…. But the thing they tend to do best, is GROW. 

The more I think about it the bigger it gets

I have driven past the sign under the bridge dozens of times without giving it much thought- when out of the blue, it suddenly made sense.

The more I think about it the bigger it gets.

Styled like concrete graffiti under the Story Bridge, the mural was commissioned by the University of Queensland in 2009 as part of the Living Cities program….

It's not about the book

knew something wasn't quite right.    Despite being completely dedicated, my third son was having a serious struggle learning to read.  It didn’t seem to matter how hard he tried, or how much we helped him- words on a page remained a puzzle.

Not sorry for being sorry.

As far as weeks go, this one was rather tough.  Between work stress, writing deadlines, late nights and the general juggle of four kids, I was running low on energy and even lower on patience.


When you’re a writer you’re not supposed to be lost for words.

I’ve been away for a week- and it occurred to me a few days ago, that in being away from my children, I may not have anything to write about.  What could I teach them, if I'm not even there?

A very important lesson- as it turns out.

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I can’t believe it had never occurred to me to try.  I suppose I assumed there was no way that four boys would sit quietly and not fidget madly through a ten minute meditation.  But after what we experienced this week, it's crazy we hadn’t done it sooner.

One in a Million

The sky this week has been an endless dome of blue during the day, and a breathtaking spray of stars at night.  I was out one evening walking, when I happened to look up.  The humbling and indefinite expanse of universe, as seen from my little street, stopped me in my tracks.